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What is the difference between the CC&R's and the architectural design guidelines?

The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) is a legally binding document, created by the developer, that outlines certain rules and regulations for the Association. The Board of Directors, with the authority given to it by the CC&R's, establishes Community Rules and Architectural Design Guidelines that are meant to supplement the CC&R's and assist the Board with ensuring uniform decision making. Although they have been created to coincide with the CC&R's, they may not cover every restriction in the CC&R's, Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.

Who sent me a violation letter?

The Community Manager sends violation letters for all violations observed during an inspection of the community or reported by another owner. The letter you received states the specific violation and the date is was reported.

Do all violations warrant a letter?

The Community Manager sends violation letters for all violations seen during inspection and all violations reported by other Owners. It is possible that some violations are not observed and thus no violation letter sent.

I received a violation letter, but the violation does not exist?

Errors do occur and we apologize. If you received a violation in error, please contact the Community Manager so the situation can be discussed and corrected.

Can I lease my unit?

Owners may lease their entire unit for a term not to be less than thirty (30) days. Owners must provide the management company with a copy of the signed lease agreement.

How do I report a violation of a CC&R?

If you see a violation of the community documents, you can report it to the Community Manager via email. When submitting the violation, please provide as much detailed information as possible such as date, time, address, license plate, make and model of a car. It is also helpful and strongly recommended that you include a digital picture of the violation.



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